SKYLMT: Jensen Signature Model FGFS Frame Mar 7, 2012

I didn’t get to make it out to this but Brad at Nemesis Project threw a party at NAHBS featuring bikes from Solid, SKYLMT, and Timberline. In the mix was this peculiar frame: the Steven Jensen signature model. What detail stands out the most to you? This is sick.

  • Diego

    Integrated pivotal post, holy shit.

  • mmm tasty.

  • 6cult6cult6

    is that a built on seatpost? FGFS is getting so much like bmx now its awesome! im glad the sport is starting to progress more!

    • Zak

      Is that serious?

  • Jossdakin

    YES! I’m cutting a knackered bmx frame and welding onto my ESB like this.

  • TCU

    Wow this is fucking lame… just buy a bmx bike.

  • steven jensen

    fuck yeah!!

  • i dig the integrated post