Simon “Gomok” Andraca – Leftover 2011 Mar 22, 2012

Simon’s got a very smooth style and manages to keep his leftover edit moving along with a good amount of creativity and big gaps. This one was put out by Bombtrack and Soundtrack. Check it out.

  • Tom

    Bombtrack not bobtrack =)

  • scott

    confused. is it radio bikes or bombtrack bikes. they seem to be branding it both ways.

    • Manuel

      hi scott, yes it is confusing,.. sorry therefore. we will have to switch the brand’s name with a light transition until next model-year to bombtrack bicycle co. it has more a distribution background as most of our radio bmx distros fill there containers with radio bmx bikes until the last corner of that container. only a few add a bombtrack FGFS bike. And that is why we could bring the bombtrack only to a few “willing” countries and need some more, or different distro-channels not to ship bike from germany to the usa or other countries, where it’s currently hard to get a bombtrack for those who want. hopefully this will change some day as we love what we do and want to do what we love for a long time. that’s all and simply the reason :O) 

  • solid