Sydney Coastal Road Ride

After finally getting settled in Stateside, I’ve started taking my film in for processing. One of the new features I’m most excited about with the new site are the Galleries for displaying Recent Roll posts. I’m still working on the formatting for them at the moment: should it be all 36 exposures in one post? Or a series of posts? While I think that one out, check out a ride I did one morning on the road bike along the coastal roads.

Click the image above to launch the gallery.

  • anon

    New gallery viewer is BALLIN’! Good job with that and the rest of the website refresh as well, buddy.

    Quick question, though: is there a keyboard shortcut to go next/skip photos? It’d be nice to have that instead of having to click through it all (allows the viewer to sit back and stream thru dem shotz with the tap of a key).

    • I’ll talk to my tech man, mr. Jon – if you wanna ask him on Twitter hit him up… @jonathanawesome – he LOVES getting feedback on twitter!

    • Jono Davis

      I keep clicking the left side of the photo in an attempt to reload the previous image, I guess I’ve just been trained by all the people using lightbox.js and its many clones. Looks good though!

    • Coop

      I like the galleries, but as a tab-whore the “Click the image above to launch the gallery.” peeves me.  I like being able to open the galleries in a new tab, having to go to another page and then back to the front kills my browsing flow.

      • Ok, so it’s a split – everyone likes going right to it. Why not just control click and open as a new tab?

  • dead center of town!!! you crack me up john prolly!

  • Sean Megna

    keep the recent roll posts and maybe add a new “contact sheet” post of you want to add all 36 exposures perhaps?