Recent Roll: Damn, it’s Hot Already Mar 31, 2012

It’s been spring all winter long in Texas and the heat has already picked up. Every day is a sweat-filled adventure and helmet pads are sponges.

  • Andrew Livingston

    That’s funny because it’s ~68 degrees here in Southern California, and I see people riding in leg/arm warmers, complaining about the cold.  We sure are lucky.

  • Our helmet pads in the Pacific Northwest are sponges too, in a different way.

  • Jake Ricker

    I could use a few days of that.It’s still 45 and pouring rain everyday here in Seattle.
    This is a never ending winter… :(

  • aj austin

    you havent spent enough time in Texas lately to comment on the weather.

    • I just entered all your information to the fixie-illuminati database.

      • aj austin

        as if they didnt already have that shit. you’re NSA scare tactics dont fool me john why don’t you go hang out with Jay Z and David Rockefeller some more.

        • Because they don’t like me.


          Let’s BMX and FIYAXED this week brodeo.