Rapha: Van Diemen’s Land Mar 30, 2012

It’s Friday. How are you spending your weekend?



  • Hommevelo

    Nice.  But how about adding some women to these vids, Rapha?

    • Richard Smith

      They often have women in their vids

  • Hwdxbassist

    It’s Friday. How are you spending your weekend?

    Im climbing Mt.Diablo in the SF Bay. on my track bike.
    this time Im looking to complete the climb in under an hour. That’s a 4,000ft Cat 1 climb about 10 miles of climbing

    • Aaron M

      I love to climb that fucker. I grew up in its shadow. Used to climb it all summer long in my converse on platforms when I was more ignorant than I am now. I started climbing it on track bike a little later. I never tried to go past the 2000 foot sign because I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to descend all 3848 feet with no breaks. It can colder than a motha in winter. One time I got so cold coming from the top, after sweating the whole way up, I stopped and made a fire at one of the campsites.

      Have fun!

      • Aaron M


      • Hwdxbassist

        yea Im not sure which one is harder, descending 4000ft without hand brakes, or climbing up.. this time im going to try and do the summit in under an hour.

  • So good.

  • mike
  • Jake Ricker

    Perfect as always.

  • Pedicabbing all the days.  The trailer weighs about 170 lbs but Strava maxes out at 100 lbs so these numbers are a bit off.

    Saturday: SOON