Putting in Work at 2012 NAHBS Mar 4, 2012

As much as I love NAHBS, I get worn out after the long days. Last night, Brad from Urban Velo posted this photo of me shooting Souphorse’s Ritte road bike. Thanks for lightening the mood Brad! Check out all of Urban Velo’s coverage here.

  • Logan – Denver

    Dude, Seriously appreciating the work you’re doing to get this coverage out. It is good to have a different perspective from “The Huang” once in a while. He’s putting in work, too, though, much respect. Had a beautiful Sunday morning perusing NAHBS pron, thanks! Goes without saying, but don’t forget to have fun. I suppose that’s what you were pointing out with this post. If it weren’t so good here right now, I’d want to be there.


    • prolly

      Oh man, I had a blast at NAHBS. Check out the Instagram pics at the bottom of the page.

  • jeremy

    this is unrelated to the content of this post but oh well.

    after a few days using the new site i can say that it is much easier to navigate and the overall look is streamlined. i appreciate the amount of time and effort youve put into this new version. particularly that the photo sets are now in a gallery within the site rather than linking to your flickr. im sure covering nahbs is taxing but im sure everyone is thnakful for the extensive coverage youre providing.
    thanks for all the info you provide on daily basis concerning the bicycle “scene” as a whole, from builders to riders to consumers.

  • Chris H

    SB RAD.