Pure Brooklyn Thrashed Metal Mar 29, 2012

This was my favorite bike from my recent trip to NYC. Ian’s BMW Gangsta Track had so much soul. So much life and a patina that only a thrashed street bike has. Ride this into the ground man! More to come…

  • Evangelinegale

    Will they still make gangsta v1’s? Cause I would replace my v2 in a second.

    •  dont think so. ive read they cant get the tubing that makes up the rear triangle. keep an eye on ebay or craiglist  (use CL site than can check all of CL.. i came up on an OG Gangsta that way that was brand new for half the price)

  • ian

    nothing better than a well loved bike

  • Abadoxagoodox

    There’s an overpriced one in ny craigslist right now.

  • Jeremysw2

    Moar…. I demand to see the rest of this.

    • Jeremysw2

      Would that kind of wear compromise the strength of the frame? I guess I can’t see any rust I guess – just paint wear so I guess not.

      • Rust is just surface… unless there are holes in the steel.

        • jeremysw2

          Yeah, i just didn’t know if it would mess with the welds? 

          • Don’t loose sleep. We used to thrash the shit out of these forks.

        • Guest

           cant be sure of that. itll last many, many years, but less than others.

  • Love the fork on the V1 gangsters…they fit with the rest of the frame so much better than the V2 fork.