Prolly is Not Probably 2.0 is Live Mar 1, 2012

What you’re seeing is the result of many, many hours worth of work. When PiNP shifted towards more photosets and portraits, I wanted a way to highlight all the photography I’ve produced over the years. The problem was, since the site is also a news source, I’d post 20 entries a day and the photosets would get lost in the archives. Normally, I’d just sticky the post for a day, but it’d disappear into the abyss the next day.

While the solution may seem like an easy one, the problem was my old platform. I couldn’t implement any major changes because, well, no one knew Movable Type. So that left me with the inevitable option: WordPress. But what a pain that would be. At least it was worth it. Site migration gave me the opportunity to kill a few more birds. One being the server. We changed the server and upgraded to a dedicated server. The other was a complete site redesign, duh. We’re here and everything is almost ironed out.

Here are a few noticeable changes:

-Because Disqus doesn’t have the ability to supply its users with migration tools, we lost ALL of the Disqus comments. Sorry. I’m bummed but it was the only casualty. Maybe it’s a good thing? Comments were becoming more and more negative and I’m not cool with that. For the next few days, I’ll have the WordPress comments open, until we get the new Disqus ironed out. Comment as you would normally, just please, keep it civil.

-Archives will remain at the 500px wide format, until I either re-up all the photos, or someone does it for me. Any takers? Didn’t think so. The videos were fixed with a simple script, but the photos were javascript-based and will be stuck at 500px until I sift through the DB and pull out bigger ones. Yikes.

-You’ll notice the top navigation. Now, if you only want to see Videos, you can do so. If you only care about Products, again, you can do so. Finally, if you only want to look at Photosets, you can. I know there aren’t a lot now, but again, I have to re-up them all.

-The Photosets navigation brings you to a page that displays what is available in a gallery. Simply click on one of the thumbnails to launch the 1000px wide gallery. It’s simple enough to navigate, so have at it. Each Category will have its own Photoset page. So as they’re added, you’ll be able to specify which you’d like to see. Right now, there’s a Photoset for Beautiful BicyclesEvent Recaps and Shop Visits. But if you want to access all of those post, head to the Category link for each (at the bottom of the site).

-Some of these Photosets will be Featured, or have a presence in the top banner, in a rotating fashion.

-The footer needs some massaging, but that’s the gist. I don’t want to burden the site with anymore add-ons until we can see the server load.

-Site Exclusives will share that zone as well. Got a Video you want featured? Email me. Got a Product? Email me. You catch the drift.

-That’s it for now, have at it. If you find something wrong with the site, say something in the comments here. If you dislike something, say something.


  • Jon

    Looks good! Just in time for NAHBS! Welcome to the world of wordpress ; )

  • this website is cunty as fuck. great job!

  • Micah

    Nice to have some new nav features, but how about some purple up top and a logo or something? I can’t hardly tell what site I’m on.

    Good job though, I know this stuff is a huge pain in the ass.

    • prolly

      The Viking is gonna poke its head out now.

    • john galt

      I agree… missing the old banner

  • Dig the new look!

  • chief

    i drank all ur bers.

  • meh, i dont really like the design, but i like the layout. =P

  • yogi

    looks good

  • john

    a non drive-side photo was used for the Baum banner link

    • prolly


      • annonomus

        what is wrong with some of the people who are in to bikes

  • Eric L

    Prolly the web designer! Great work on the site.

  • Luke

    I dig the new layout. The navigation is clean and intuitive; however, from a design standpoint I would like to see some purple somewhere in the header.

    Perhaps more pressing though is the way in which the viking skull is hidden, and only partially, behind the top banner and the footer when scrolled all the way to the top and the bottom, respectively. This could be a resolution issue on my end, but I would opine that layering the viking skull on top of everything would be cleaner.


    • Ryan


  • Looks good dude, nice work.

  • Alex

    The top advertisement feels a little too stacked on top of the “featured” reel and blocks the viking:[ (at least ’til you scroll).
    Purple cursor highlights are a real nice touch. But even with all the new features the site is real minimal and I love it.
    Alas, this site will always be in my morning routine even after a billion changes.

  • Great !
    Welcome back!

  • Really enjoying the new site, given me some ideas for my site i’m setting up. Look forward to seeing what the future holds!

  • JackSC

    super techy. needs more line-weights. looks great.

  • jb

    The banner at the top of the page is huge… i thought i was on the wrong website as the PiNP is quite discreet.
    Rest looks great.

    • prolly

      It’s actually the same size as the last one, the black band is just a color fill.

  • Yay!

  • George

    does the GeekHouse link at the right column work? It loads only the image geekhouse.jpg for me and not the hyperlink.
    Just my 5cents from Greece :)

    • chief

      fixed. thanks!

  • Corey

    The Daily Read Looks Great! Nice Work.

  • dontcoast

    New blog looks good!
    but I’d suggest you make the comments text darker. That grey makes my eyes squint!

    • prolly

      I’m putting Disqus back in place in the next few days, bear with me. :-)

  • jeremy

    dude this looks awesome!

  • Jamesisriding

    New Prolly site is its best yet! Works better on my iproducts too….

  • zeeeeeee

    looking good!
    cheers prolls!

  • shard

    fuck moveable type!

  • mama prolly

    Makes me want to redo my website!