Product Review: Rapha Classic Bib Shorts Mar 9, 2012

Photo by Andy White

So let me preface this by saying there isn’t much of a review here. It’s more about me praising a solid product. Rapha has nailed a very simple, yet complicated garment. Bibs should be easy right? Lycra, chamois, viola? Not always the case and yet the Classic Bib Shorts achieve maximum comfort with no hidden details, no magical, high-tech materials and no gaudy logos.

This Product Review is merely me telling you that over the years, I’ve owned many kits, shorts and bibs. All of which are now in the bottom drawer of my dresser, never getting used. Why? Because I’ve found the best bibs money can buy. Sure, I know what you’re thinking “Prolly gets this shit for free, so he has to write something positive about it”. Honestly, I don’t have to do anything. I choose to give products I love some much-deserved attention and the Rapha Classic Bib Shorts are just that, a product worthy of my praise.

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When I left for my tour last year, all I brought with me were two jerseys a two pairs of the Classic Bib Shorts. For long days in the saddle, I wanted something comfortable, yet didn’t want to be riding around on a diaper. My other kits and bibs either bunched up or were too thin to spend those kinds of hours in.

They were perfect for the ride.

Since then, I’ve taken them all over the world with me. Most recently, on my ride in the Australian bush. Each night I’d wash and hang them to dry, knowing that the next day, I’d be wearing them for upwards of 10 hours yet again. What I’m trying to say is, if I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t use them, nor would I take the time to be writing about them. I’ve even purchased other pairs, just so I don’t have to worry about washing them every time after I ride. They’re a staple in my cycling wardrobe.

I’m not the only one who feels this way either. Everyone I’ve known that has purchased a pair is in love with them. From my riding buddies here, to people in NYC, LA, SF and Australia. When you buy the Rapha Classic Bib Shorts, you’re hooked. These are, hands down, the most bitchin’ bibs. Do I need to say it again?

Right now, Rapha is running their Classics Guarantee. You’ve got 30 days to try them out, with no obligations. If you don’t like them, return them, no questions asked.

Price: $210 from Rapha online or at your local dealer.

Visit Rapha for care and other information.

  • I want to buy yours. How much?

    • I’m selling them in Japanese vending machines.

  • Todd!

    I have two pairs here. Best I own!

  • German Flea

    Rapha is the shit. I bought a marino base layer just to see what Rapha is all about, I have a ton of other baselayers (Pearl Izumi, Craft……) I only wear the Rapha ones. Upgrading my entire wardrobe to Rapha this spring

  • Trackosaurusrex

    I’ve only had the Pro Bibs and I definitely was not a fan.  The bib rubbed both of my nipples raw.  I heard amazing things about the Classic but I can not get behind the Pro Bib.  You you are contemplating a purchase of Rapha bibs, stay away from the Pro Bib and go with the Classic. 

    • thanks for the tip off, i was thinking about the pro bibs but nevermind!

      • i <3 me some rapha and everyone i know has leaned more towards the classic bibs after rollin on the pro bibs. 

    • pro bibs don’t rub my nipples. my nipples are normal nipples, btw.

    • Sugarkanye

      I have both and while my rapha classics are nice I love the tighter proteam bibs so much I never use my classics any more…
      And the over shoes totally rock it!

  • Harry

    Yep the best. Like everything in this world, you get what you pay for.

  • Valiensi

    I have two pairs of the classic bibs. And been using them for over a year. They certainly to hold up well and are very comfortable. I think they tend to run a bit larger the ASSOS. 
    One weird thing – The liner is black, so I’ve put these on inside out a couple of times. 

    • Me too! Ha to hop in a bush to invert them.

  • wholeheartedly agree, on all points.  i love both the classic bibs and the knickers.  between those two and pair of knee warmers, you can tackle temps just about down to freezing all the way to boiling-lava-my-god-it’s-hot-why-am-i-outside temperature.

    my one gripe: i wish the straps were white, so they’d be less noticeable under light-colored jerseys.  a small gripe, yes.  but it would make a cleaner overall look, in my opinion.

  • MattInNOLA

    Only worn mine a couple of times so far. Got an offer I couldn’t refuse on the Rapha Classics. All top-notch kit. I see people complaining a lot about Rapha being overpriced (especially in the UK). Most of those people have never owned any of their products. My only gripe is they don’t make a large-long (but who does), I have to decide between their large and x-large on stuff. Thankfully, their customer service is excellent. I deliberate about every product I buy, and I’ve never regretted any Rapha purchases. My favourite has to be the Bomber Jacket, though. I wear it every day on my commute.

  • Atlas_skier

    Rapha knows what they’re doing.  More expensive?  Yes.  Better quality?  Yes.  You get what you pay for.

  • Mckenzieparry

    after years of purchasing bib shorts from another quality outfit. i thought you know what.. these look the business and i love the fact they are very understated.. okay maybe they are not cheap, but if you plan to ride often and distances between 60-100miles like me, then comfort and durable are essential.. so it’s goodbye to uno’s and mille’s and hello classic bib shorts from rapha..

    btw nothing beats their winter tights for comfort.. prolonging / extending weekend riding and commuting throughout all seasons in the UK was their masterstroke, mine are in their fifth year..

  • nexus

    I picked up the CX 3/4 nicks and they rock. Great quality and fit. The chamois is awesome and feels like angels wings caressing my buttocks as I ride!

  • jacoby

    +1 rapha overshoes

  • Redhed18

    My ONLY gripe with the Classic shorts is the lack of usable pocket.  Yes it has that little scallop pocket over the bum, but I would not trust it to anything I care about.  The PRO shorts are much more useful for that reason with the two kidney (“radio”) pockets.

  • AQP

    I’m seriously considering these as my first ever pair of bibs. How is the sizing on them? I’m sort of in between a Small and Medium according to their chart and am leaning towards the small. What are your thoughts on the fit?

    • I wear a large, same sizing as my boxers and other bibs.

    • Richard Smith

      Go for the small man. I was between the S and XS. All my other bibs are smalls so I went for the S and had to change them for an XS because they were huge.

      • AQP

        Thanks Richard, that’s the kind of insight I was looking for.

  • Richard Smith

    This review inspired me to stop um-ing and ah-ing and just buy a pair. 5 days later I’m sending them back as the stitching’s coming undone already

    • That’s a shame, mine have yet to shed a thread.

      • Richard Smith

        They’re definitely the comfiest and most stylish bibs I’ve ever worn – I just hope the replacements they send me are built a little sturdier.

        • Yeah I have 3 pairs and never had an issue.

  • Dmitry Bokov

    How to use the toilet in the bib?