Phillip Arellano for Spike Parts Flow Mar 12, 2012

Speaking of Spike Parts, Phillip sent over this new ad for Spike’s flow team, showing him doing a nose jam on a giant bank painted like an American flag and all I can look at is the Descendants Milo tattoo.

  • zeeeeeee

    black flag bars!

  • fixiegod

    plussizebmx all day son

  • Jordansprieto

    Repin FRESNO !!

  • Phil&Destroy

    I’m tryin dudes

  • gus?

    • Phil&Destroy

       uhmmm….no my names Phil haha

  • eyerum

    I wanna see a new bike check from this dude. His bronze charmer was clean, but this one looks sick as fuck

  • teqkilla

    Milo tattoo <3

  • Beaver Beavs

    me and gus had sex and had a baby.