Outlier: The Liberated Wool Hoodie Mar 6, 2012

As always, the Outlier crew delivers. This time with a new and improved hoodie:

The Liberated Wool Hoodie marks our latest Experiemental Edition, combining the Liberated Wool fabric from our lauded Peacoat with our Classic Hoodie pattern to create a revolutionary 2.5 layer wool softshell that is both breathable and warm.

A beautiful yarn-dyed worsted wool outer face, soft fleece interior and four way stretch come together for a remarkably light and virtually weatherproof jacket to keep you moving in comfort and style. 

The Liberated Wool Hoodie has your head covered with a three panel drawstring hood and hidden cord pulls. Nylon/merino cuffs won’t slip and the raglan sleeves make for ease of movement. Nanosphere® treatment shrugs off light rain and spills while the polyurethane membrane and fleece interior keep you comfortable in a wide range of temperatures.


  • fuuuuuuu.

  • who has $450 for a hoodie?

    • Jason

      probably the same people who spend a couple grand on a bike or hundreds on boots

  • i was very lucky and tested this for a couple months when there was only one. its dope.

  • FranktheTank

    HAHAHA $450 for a hoodie. Are you serious? Who the hell can afford that?

    • Dunno, same person who can afford $450 for a bike?

  • Conspicuous Pedal Consumption. 

    • I saw Patrick’s comment and thought it was kinda snide. To each his own.

      • Actually… not be snide at all.  I was merely saying the price may be high… BUT “there is always someone out there pursuing FINE GARMENTS and will to pay for HIGH-QUALITY.  Fine garments + high-quality = GOOD.

        • How do you know the price is high? Do you work in the industry? Familiar with the materials? No. At first glance, Chris King and Phil Wood hubs look expensive, when compared to Formula, Velocity, etc. But if you know about the product, it’s not that “high”. And there are people who are willing to pay for it.

          I’m not trying to be a dick, just clarifying by using something we can both identify with = quality products.

          • LOLZ!  You have me all wrong dude… thats for sure.  If the product is superb, price is never an issue with me.  Just pointing out some people may think the price is high, but for high-quality fine garments… your’e getting an outstanding product.  

          • I’m just reacting to ” I was merely saying the price may be high”… :-P


  • I’m just going to say that this hoodie is the high-end version of their standard merino, which has a third of the detailing. It’s small-batch, high-end, made in NYC = expensive. History shows with Outlier that you get what you pay for. 

    Don’t like it? cool! No one’s forcing you to pay for it. I’m just sharing… 

    Also, FWIW, I don’t mind comments that are constructive and even replying to a shocking price, just keep it civil is all I ask. 

  • John, not sure if this is merino? and its 1/3 wool, vs. 100% like Outlier’s merino hoodie, henleys & T’s. Think of this as baller as the peacoat but the looks of a hoodie. Good weight, real warm, wear it everyday. I was out riding hours in low 30’s w just a long sleeve and this, not a problem.

    so yeah, my favorite thing Outlier has made

  • Gordon

    Just wondering, is there a reason YKK zippers were used over RiRi?

  • Claudelevenger

    Look at it this way: Do you want Shimano Dura Ace or 105? I know damn well you want Dura Ace, but it’s not like Shimano is going to lower their prices because you start whining about it. Buy what you can afford and be happy, all the while knowing that you get what you pay for. Stop drinking beer, coffee, or smoking weed for a little bit, then you too can have some Outlier gear.

  • nick

    $450 is stupid!! I’d rather get the RAPHA jacket for $100 less!