Oh and There’s This Mar 2, 2012

Here’s a quick shot of my Bishop road bike. While those aren’t my wheels, this is the build. I’m so stoked on how it came out and cannot wait to ride it. I’ll be posting more photos later. For a full-res version, click here.

Edit: This won best fillet brazed bike at the show.

  • wade


  • Damn Grandpa, you got enough headtube on that thing?

    • prolly

      I’m a big mother fucker and you’re not a builder.

      • fuckface

        you are incredibly sensitive.

        • prolly


      • Don’t worry dude, I’ve got a 23cm headtube on my roadie. That I built. So, maybe I am a builder then…

        • prolly

          Hugs and kisses. Sounds like we can ride each other’s bikes.

  • Patrick

    Great example of why there is a NAHBS. Beautiful, unique, classy, good proportions at every angle. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hot. What kinda wheels are you gonna throw on thurr?

    • prolly

      King R45 to HED Belgium rims.

      • Max

        What colour R45’s?

        • prolly


          • Tucker

            Those thick black rims make the bike look seriously evil. What makes you want to switch them out so bad? The hills?
            Hope I get to see it in person too.

  • Andy P

    So nice. What are the tt and ht lengths?

  • chris

    Excellent choice in “upcoming” wheel set. Looking forward to seeing this in person here in Austin!! Congrats man!

  • Andre

    How tall are you John?

    It’s very purdy.

    • prolly

      6’2″ with a 36″ inseam.

  • Awesome, yet again! Does this mean more road-bike coverage this upcoming year (ie: Tour de…, products, tips/tricks)?

  • Sjouke

    John, why don’t you have or pursue any carbon bicycles?

    • prolly

      I just haven’t ridden one that I’ve really liked and if I’m going to spend that kind of money, I’d rather go custom. Since I don’t race, I don’t see the benefits of a carbon race bike. Ya know?

  • So good dude.

  • James McKeon

    prolly if you ever die, which i don’t wish to happen, just have lauren ship all of these bikes to me. i mean, we’re the same size, it makes sense.

    i’ll pay the shipping even.

  • Flo

    Shit, that is a hot ride!!!

  • seth

    is there any bishop branding on this?

    tommy did good work

  • Damn that frame is straight cold. Excellent comprehensive build too, looks great to the eye (and it will with new wheels too). Sick!

  • Paul

    What’s the brand of the wheels and stem? Bike looks excellent! Looks like a dream to ride!

    • Ian

      ENVE, if you’re not trolling. :P

  • Ricky Feather

    I must say, that doesn’t look half bad ;-)

  • anndee

    nice paint job!

  • Jason

    Dude, forget all of that negative crap…thats a beautiful bike!

    I dig the steel philosophy. A lot of us aren’t competing professionally, so why not build up a bike that feels great and not worry about the weight!

  • gravity

    john, what are the tubesets? and whats the weight of the frame?

    • prolly

      Max seat tube, dedacciai top tube, Columbus spirit rest. Frame weight wis around 3 lbs or 1,350 grams.

      • Eric L

        Just the frame or frame + fork? I didn’t think steel could be built up so light.

        • prolly

          Just the frame. It’s an ENVE 1.0 fork.

      • nothing to sneeze at
        for such a big beautiful bicycle (bbb.

        cheers on the addition to the family