Musette Bakery Sponsors the 2012 Red Hook Crit Mar 22, 2012

Tracko, you’re right. You love food and these look great. Musette Bakery is a sponsor for the 2012 Red Hook Crit. Since it’s calling for rain during the race, I’ll probably be eating more than shooting photos. I’ll letcha know how they taste! Check out more of their pastries here and if you’re going to the RHC, support these guys!

  • Raymichalak

    Love the colors on that jersey….what jersey is that?

  • Brownevan

    something about stuffing shit in that specific jersey….

    taken 3 months ago here in brooklyn

    • I like to think your kit is a bit better balanced than mine.

  • There’s nothing like an Eddy to fuel the legs and warm the soul.  Thanks for your support, and see you at RHC!