Monkey Likes Shiny: SPD Camera Mount Mar 26, 2012

Leave it to Jeff Tiedeken from MLS to construct with something as unique and simple as this. An SPD camera mount? Pretty rad. I’d love to see it used for a few wide-angle shots on a road descent. The motion can be a bit jarring on a track bike but it’d work for a few select clips like skidding. I think you’re onto something Jeff!

  • very creative!  maybe a bike with a freewheel would lend itself better to this design.  Perhaps even a mountain bike on single track


    I see he is using a contour HD camera, which definitely doesn’t help the shakeyness. They have a relatively narrow field of view (135 degees at the highest, 110 in 1080p) compared to a lot of other ‘helmet cams’ (170 degrees with the contour plus/roam, any gopro or drift hd cam).
    The wider F.O.V. definitely makes the image more stable, but when mounted on the bike (rather than body / head mounting) you’re gonna get some shakeyness no matter what.


  • Christopher Snider

    I almost got a worse headache from that then I did 3D Avatar. Cool idea though.