Mitchell Silva’s Globars Mar 20, 2012

Mitchell Silva’s ID project entitled Glowbars takes some relatively off the shelf technology and adds a little pizazz to it. LEDs are a simple and energy efficient light source and Mitchell has made a prototype handlebar that incorporates them into the front of the drops. I’d love to see how Deep Local would interpret this. Personally, out of all the stupid safety shit we see coming out, it’s nice to see someone actually do something with a real world application. I mean, randonneurs have been doing the same thing for some time, although, not as tech-savvy.

  • TomBremer

    I like the concept, you run into troubles when you integrate shifters, brake levers, etc. 

    But, I am sure that can be thought out!

    • Wireless LED shifter arms. Problem solved. ;-)

      • TomBremer

        I was thinking about charging, it looks like the handlebars are removed for charging, but I am sure that can be fixed!

        I would totally support this on Kickstarter.

        • LED’s run off a transformer. You’d just need to charge the transformer, i.e. the bar-end

  • Jonathan

    I want to see a whole damn frame with integrated internal LED’s. THAT would be sick….and actually be visible to drivers. Night Rider baby!

  • old mate should defs hit up a red LED seatpost aswell… 

  • ross

    mitchell is a talented dude from boston, glad to see his work up here.

  • Mitchell Silva

    Hey John, thanks for posting this up! glad you like it! 

    -Mitch Silva

  • why not configure something into the head tube of some frames. yeah, itd be a bit more expensive but I’m sure it would sell, and would also eliminate any lights from being covered by you’re hands while you ride. Even down the front of forks possibly. Just a few more suggestions.