Micro Arc Oxidation = Re-Appropriation? Mar 23, 2012

Bicycle application. Now?

I’ve seen this floating around and wondered why the aluminum frame builders don’t offer this treatment on their frames. Sure, it’s gotta come down to numbers but micro arc oxidation might be a great re-appropriation for track bikes. Maybe LOW could try this out?

“Three times stronger than stainless steel”

Thanks for sparking the post, Oscar.

  • Put me down for a MAO Low STD. 

  • looks like a CD in the microwave

  • Chris Hamlin

    Hey Guys, Keronite is the world leader in this tech and you will start to see it on bikes more and more as the market starts to pick up on it.  See the “RockShox WC BoXXer Keronite” forks and the Mavic “Exalith” wheels which have both been treated with our PEO.  Cool stuff!