Merckx Mondays Mar 26, 2012

This Eddy Merckx Panasonic road frame was crashed in a criterium race this year. Its mangled stays are hanging in Affinity Cycles in Brooklyn. How’s that for a Merckx Mondays post? Be careful out there guys

  • sadly its the same Merckx that was featured On Merckx Mondays back in 2010:
    RIP. luckily I wasn’t the one riding it at the time of the crash.

    • Yep! Cooper was on it…

      • cooperleeray

        a sad day indeed. im just glad to be uninjured.

        Soon after Affinity got me on a track bike and ready for a safe fast Red Hook!
        nice to see ya this weekend man. long time

  • paul

    who rides a vintage merckx in a crit?  smh

    • Mmtmatrix

       I do.

    • Why the hell not? Better than half the chinese garbage out there!

  • Peter

    This frame was ridden by an IDIOT at a Central Park spring series 3-4 race three weeks ago, it wasn’t a crit. He was racing/passing people in the rec lane and hit a cone, which sent him down taking out 4 other riders. Nice bike but not nice riding/racing…

    • cooperleeray

      yeah right. try again man.
      sketchy first race of the year. I made the mistake of racing the 3,4 category to try my fitness and was greeted terribly by irresponsible racers. Pushed into the joggers lane via erratic movement from the field resulted in running me into a cone.
      careful with your words and acusations

    • lol cooper…

  • Lol, thought I recognized that bike… that was quick Coop! ;)

  • Hommevelo

    Nice Rolf Prima wheels on that Merckx!

  • BigMig

    A racebike is not safe in a race, but that what it is built for.