Merckx Mondays Mar 19, 2012

A few weeks back, I received this email out of the blue. Having sold all of my Eddy Merckx bikes, it made me a little sad. I wish I could keep every bike that I’ve owned but it’s not financially possible for me. Knowing that this frame went to a good home, I’m left with all the rides I did on it and the photos I took. Both of which are good enough for me. Putting in miles on an Eddy Merckx influenced how I wanted my Bishop to ride. I admire the Belgian geometry and even the chevrons and colors of the Eddy Merckx frames.

This bike and my Eddy Merckx pista in a lot of ways, made this blog into what it is today. They’re icons…

Check out more below.

It ain’t no Merckx but it has chevrons!

Speaking of icons, Tracko snapped a photo on Instagram, just in time for some priase to Jah Monday.

Eddy Merckx Inducted into Giro d’Italia Hall of Fame

This sparked another memory of one of my favorite Merckx Mondays, “who has the hour record bike?” – I still need to go back and re-link all the photos to that one.

  • Saffs

    Hey John,
    The email from Jurgen is fantastic! So weird being out of the blue and all.
    Meanwhile, yours and Jurgen’s ex-Merckx MXL is in almost daily use here in MA. It’s already clocked in a lot of road miles too: it traverses all the cycle routes, both City and Country, out here in MA :)
    Today someone at some lights said, “That’s a beautiful Merckx”.
    It’s now all as original, DA 8 speed, but with a 39 small ring and 26 big cog. Ha!