Mashafix: Wear a Helmet Mar 12, 2012

I’m posting this with the knowledge that the helmet debate is a quagmire. For more info on what happened, head to Mashafix.

  • Erik Binggeser

    That…was pretty poor reaction timing. Car was halfway through its left turn before the bike even started turning towards it. Could easily have dodged around the left side and been fine.

    Granted, I wasn’t there and it wasn’t me, so I obviously don’t know the exact circumstances. Just commenting on what I can see in the video.

    (I always wear a helmet)

    • A better cyclist than this

      I didn’t want to put any fault on the cyclist either but I gotta say at least from what I saw in the video that accident could have been easily avoidable. From the way the video looks it seems like the rider fixated on the car and ran straight into it cuz it definitely doesn’t look like he was originally trying to make that right turn

      • For all you all-knowing cyclists who commented on this, why don’t you go and read the description on the actual video page before you hastily make your judgments.  Sounds like there were a number of factors involved, including another rider. Regardless cyclists and drivers alike make mistakes

    • Meomix

      I tried to go left of a car once, but then he suddenly decided to stop so I still ran into him.  It was either that or go into oncoming traffic.  I think I rather make a right into a car than to hit a car head on.

      • Erik Binggeser

        That’s a pretty good point, I see what you mean.

  • tm

    I’ve been transformed into one of the “there are no data to support the notion that helmets actually offer protection” people, though I usually wear one; I feel naked without it. That’s my conditioning. On one occasion while not wearing a helmet, a motorist didn’t see me, pulled out across an intersection, and I smacked square into the side and broke the passenger window… with my head.

    However, there’s little doubt that wearing earbuds and listening to your iPod while riding is dangerous. Coupling a helmet with an iPod isn’t a zero-sum proposition. Wearing earphones on a bike is actually against the law in most (all?) US states. (I’m referring to the photo at the “debate in a quagmire” link.)

    I know that’s a bit off-topic, but I think it points to the fact that cyclists take risks. On the whole, however, more cyclists means safer cycling for everybody, so let’s just get rid of the laws that make cycling seam scary.

  • Duh

    what about a brake

  • .jamesj.

    I hate to sound like a concerned parent but what is the point in an alleycat race where there is clearly no fun in it? if i wanted to ride on an empty road id just go to the suburbs. and john, why do you post this fella’s videos? they’re so awful and hard to watch. And i’ve been reading your blog since before you couldnt shoot photos

  • Jim

    Jeez Maybe a brake for emergencies too? I know they’re tot cool, but. I do agree could’ve been avoided it seems.

  • t(-_-t)

    I don’t get why the cyclist didn’t just go behind the car…


    Or this idiot could invest in a nice light? I didn’t see any reflection on the car, i doubt this car would have turned if he had noticed a cyclist with a good light coming his way.  Also what does this prove? Obviously the guy didn’t hit his head and obviously this is a perfect example of a newjack who doesn’t properly pay attention to his surroundings.

    Buy a light, learn to ride, stop expecting motorists to give you the right of way when you’re mashing on an obviously sketchy street and if all of that fails get a brake. All this video says to me is that the cyclist is an idiot with slow response time and no light.

    Word of the wise, the second you start expecting motorists to yield to you no matter the situation is the second you get hit or worse. I always watch out for cars and i never expect someone to give me the right of way.

    • vicoll135

      Made my night with this comment – I can’t agree with your statement more. 

  • uh i would never discourage helmet use. and this guy should definitely wear one. but i cannot see why they had to hit that car. ive watched this about 8 times. i would have slowed down at the first line of the intersection, observed where the car was going, and then went left. you dont have to be going a million miles per hour all the time, and you can slow down without a brake. sorry for your injuries.