Loose Legs SxSW Edition This Saturday Mar 14, 2012

Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen! It’s time for another Loose Legs road ride for all you SxSW’rs. We’re meeting up at Frank on 4th and Colorado, this Saturday for a 9am roll out. Expect about 40 miles and 4,000′ of climbing through the Hill Country. This is a no-drop, no dickhead ride so come prepared to chat and spin up some hills. Road is recommended, but in the past, people have done it fixed.

Be there and spread the word!

  • Jason

    What do you think you are averaging on ride like that? I do 45 mi. on fixed pretty easy, between Austin and San Marcos (don’t track my elevation though).

    I hardly ever ride road and don’t want to hold you dudes back…

    • This will be almost all climbing. Might be tough on fixed.

  • elmcitizen

    Lovin’ the minimal logo on this, would make a great cheapo sticker.