Levi’s® Commuter Series: Commuter Bike made by Cherubim Mar 1, 2012

The second round of the successful Levi’s® Commuter Series is kicking off soon and to ramp up their promotional material, the team commissioned Cherubim Cycles to build a commuter bike. Pretty rad.

  • Erik

    First, thank you for an awesome blog. Its always the first thing I check after my bike commute to work. Second, I love the Levis commuter jeans, and was wondering if you knew what new stuff that they might be offering this go round?


    • prolly

      Not sure yet. More information to follow this week (hopefully).

  • Erik

    No prob, hope the weather is better for biking down there than it is up here in MN! Hope your thursday is going swimmingly.

  • sygyzy

    Is it Round 2 of their collaboration with a bike builder or Round 2 of new commuting products (clothes)?

    • prolly


  • K Lea

    Lets hope this time around they notice that ladies ride bikes. I know a buncha hotties who bought or attempted to buy the gents pants… didn’t want the guys to be the only ones wearing holes through the buttcheeks.

  • P dizzle

    Now they need to make em in non-hipster sizes/cuts… Come on Levi’s, not everyone wants to look like a tapered asshole.