Keep it Neat and Ride the Streets Mar 22, 2012

No explanation needed. It’s gonna be a weekend of bourbon, bikes and bros. Basil Hayden’s is an approved beverage here at PiNP.

  • ian

    May I personally recommend a bottle of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey?  If they have it out there in Awwstin that is.

    • I don’t like a lot of whiskeys – strictly bourbon here… 

      • ian

        oh then definitely go for the evan williams :]

        • If I “go” for anything, it’s the good good. Blantons, Bookers, Basil Hayden’s, Woodford *Reserve*, Russels…

  • Search and State

    We toasted our launch with the the B.H. on Sunday at midnight.

  • Kteket

    black maple hill is my jam…

  • Judith

    With BH being a bit more conservative than other bourbons, say Bookers (~68%), it makes for one helluva Sazarac: Pernot/Absinthe lined glass, whiskey/bourbon and simple syrup shaken, add a twist.

    • Post title negates cocktails…. “neat”

  • Erick

    Given that a Kentucky Bourbon is PiNP approved, you should plan a ride in KY where you visit the bourbon distilleries, Rapha Continental style. I grew up on Louisville and have visited Bardstown numerous times, there are tons of places within a 25-mile range. Some, like Maker’s, have dedicated tours and tastings, but I know many others would love to have you stop by, and could use the added exposure. Just a thought.

  • Can you do a ‘Keep it Neat and Ride the Streets’ Tshirt already?!?