Introducing the Rapha Grand Tour Shoes

When I was in Portland, before my tour, the guys at Rapha North America told me about this collaboration with Giro that they had been working on. Their idea was simple: make a cycling shoe that boasts the performance of a modern race shoe, influenced by the classic models from the 70’s. If anyone has nailed that ideology down, it’s Rapha. The Grand Tour Shoes embody the same stylistic approach as their apparel line and by style, I mean simplicity. These minimally-branded, perforated white leather shoes utilize the same technology as Giro’s professional racing shoes and look damn good.

I’ve broken this review down into a gallery, with the captions describing each photo, so take note. See for yourself by clicking the image above or here to open in a new tab.

I would like to thank Rapha and Giro for sending me a pair to try out. I expect a long-life from these shoes, just like the rest of Giro’s models, which I’ve ridden and tested for many miles.

The Rapha Grand Tour Shoes will be available on Tuesday, April 10 through and these North American retailers:

La Bicicletta Pro Shop – Vancouver
Studio Velo – Mill Valley, CA
Rapha Cycle Club – SF, CA
Bike Effect – Santa Monica,
Contender Bicycles – SLC, UT
Signature Cycles – NYC

Sizing availability is 39-48 in half sizes except for 47.5

Retail: £300 – or – $450

  • tm

    Are these actually “perforated leather”? Lorica (or other synthetics) tend to make much better materials for cycling shoes since they don’t stretch. Regardless, I love the look of these shoes.

    • They are Yak Leather.

      • Scott D.

        They look good, but Yak leather? I’ve tried Giro and Fizik shoes and nothing beats Sidi Lorica.

        • tm

          Gotta agree, Scott. I’ve tried most manufacturers and Sidis just fit me the best and last for eons. Shoes are certainly personal pref, but leather’s too temperamental. Good leather shoes are supposed to worn, at most, every other day so they can have a day to breathe and dry.

          • Erichter

            FYI – these shoes have an interior liner that should prevent stretching of the leather and help them to hold their shape and fit like the best synthetic shoes…

  • wade

    Black would be good ….

    • there is indeed a black.  i like the white, but they remind me of vintage golf shoes for some reason.  for good or bad.

  • Sugarkanye

    Fuck they are nice mr watson..
    Compared to ergo 2s how’s the stiffness of the soles?

    They look great! No need for black that wouldn’t be very pro ;)

    • I never had the Ergo 2’s but you’re not bending EC90…

      • Sugarkanye

        I have ergo 2s.. I think thy might become my ‘wet weather’ shoes me Likey, me wanty!!

  • travis

    Wow, I thought the price would be ridiculous as usual with Rapha, it is not bad though.

    • Gregory

      Expensive for sure, but will sell out in a heartbeat. I dig ’em. Now the question is, white or black?

  • German Flea

    can you replace the heel and toe pieces? My old specialized are still top shoes but I am already walking on carbon

    • I’ve had my Prolights for about a year now and neither need replacing.

  • drive side only

    who cares! we want to see your bike with those wheels

  • Brent
    • Greg

      Except the Specialized’s look like garbage. Fail copy of a Dromarti with a Boa clasp.

      • Jonathan

        The construction of the Specialized ’74’s is superior, but I appreciate the aesthetics of these. Only problem with Dromarti is they DON’T have a Boa system.

        • The question is, which shoe’s dick is bigger?

  • Chris

    $450, give me a break.

  • Expensive but damn they look the tits

  • Ckamp

    Wow, you should take pictures for Rapha. Let us know how they perform after some miles.

  • I love the Rapha style. Wish i could afford it… Seriously though, fuck paying $400 for a pair of cycling shoes. Stuff like this makes it seem like looking really good during a club ride is going to make you feel like you’ll be faster. and you won’t be because of the shoes. Nice photos though…

  • Darrick Del Moral

    Really feelin’ how in addition to drawing from the heritage of classic shoes, they also drew from the heritage of clips/straps. Image 36, the black strap hella makes it hella look like you’re riding clips/straps.

  • Black Sidi Dominators or Genius shoes look better IMO. These look like you should be wearing a pair of true religion jeans, not a cycling kit. Sorry guys, kinda gross…

    • You might like the black shoes then. Personally, I’m usually an all-black kinda guy because it doesn’t show dirt, grease, etc. and I’m not “euro” or “pro” but the white has been growing on me…

  • Todd!

    I hope they do a bundles pack for two pairs as I want the black and the white and I’d love to save some money on them! Hahaha!

  • kmb

    They look loose in the heel, particularly 5th pic from the end.

    • I like my shoes a 1/2 size bigger because my feet swell when I ride.

      • tm

         That’s a great point. You can make your rides a lot more comfortable by selecting a slightly larger shoe.

        • I used to think that a tight shoe was the way to go but getting a 1/2 size bigger works for me.

  • Ilum

    the socks! tell them to send you some decent socks. 

  • Guest

    how have these held up?

  • fattymcgee

    Your pics are great, even if they don’t the fit the Rapha ‘SUPER EPIC BUT SUPER STYLISH’ marketing aesthetic. Love the detail pics in the vines more than the ones on Rapha’s site. Certainly far superior to the cheesy copy on the insoles.

  • Hello. It is possible you could post a few photos of your worn/older whites shoes? Would like to see how they age. Thank you

    • They’ve aged fine. No tears, no major wear but they did stretch just a tad and are unfortunately too large for me now. Before I was in between two sizes and I should have just sized down…

  • Marc Jones

    Any ideas where to get a new heel tab? Mine’s fallen off and Giro told me to go away and raphia don’t repair them. Pff.

  • Marc Jones

    Heel tab fallen off mine. Giro say “sorry, speak to Rapha” Rapha, acknowledge that , and I quote, “there are some features on the shoes which would benefit from being replaceable. I understand that the added weight of the natural fibre included in the upper forced our developers to save weight in other parts of the shoe.” e.g. Those heel tabs are not replaceable. Instead I was offered 30% off another pair which of course are made the same and could well suffer exactly the same fate. Does anyone, anywhere know how I get these expensive, otherwise great, shoes mended?