How I Learned to Ride a Straight Line Mar 21, 2012

Flying into Far West Road / Portra 160NC Yashica T4

There’s a great story on Williamsburg Greenpoint News+Arts called “How I Learned to Ride a Straight Line“. Where the author, John D. Eustice (you NYC racers should know that name) relates his years of racing in Belgium to everyday cycling practices. Advice like “steer with your belly button” and “relax your jaw” are things we’ve all heard but the punch-line is a story about how an old Belgian woman taught him how to ride a straight line. It’s worth the read, especially the part about not riding like an asshole down the bridges of NYC…

Thanks for the heads up Affinity!

  • and watch out for deer (see photo above)

    • Yes, definitely watch out for deer when you hit 50mph on that descent.