Great White North: Finn Zygowski Mar 12, 2012

Finn from Great White North has a new edit for Hold Fast featuring a lot of creative lines. I’m partial to the little things like the hop to tire feeble and the hop to skid on the manual pad. Solid riding man!

  • Raychsmay

    hows he riding for hold fast hes not  even that baller. 

  • because not everything is about barspins and backflips, who else have you seen do a one footed pedal feeble or blast up stairs like that? 

    • Oscar….

      • well Torey too, my comment was intended to just mention that there arent a lot of people who ride with creative intent. 

        • I know, I was just fucking around with you. ;-)

  • Woods

    Because he never says “baller”

  • prolly sux 2

    finn sux

    • Someone from Toronto isn’t happy!

      • Woods

        Sounds like Tom Mosher…

        • I definitely didn’t make that remark.  Finn and I have had our differences but everything is mellow now. 

          This is a good edit and most of the spots are all around my house, I actually saw the tire marks on the wall he rides long ago, not knowing they were from this!

  • Alex Alejandro Roberto

    this guy sucks straight up….this is like that one asian dude who gets sponsored by charmer

  • 111

    The first gap and the wallride are the only good tricks in this, everything else was filler or garbage.