Get to Know DZR Shoes Mar 7, 2012

DZR Shoes paved the way for SPD, fashion-forward sneakers. After their initial collaboration with Mission Workshop, other brands hopped on board to give it a go. This video shows how a sneaker is made from the first cut to the final lacing.

  • bitterman

    Are their shoes actually manufactured in the US?  If not, this video seems at best disingenuous, and at worst deliberately misleading.  No information about it on their website, which seems a bit suspicious.  I’m not saying there’s anything necessarily wrong with manufacturing product in China (or wherever); only that manufacturing product in China and pretending that you don’t (if in fact that’s what this is) is kind of lame.

    • You’re assuming too much. DZR is not pretending anything. They manufacture in China but this is how they do it. Small batches…