Full Windsor Folding Fenders Mar 8, 2012

You might have seen these new fenders from Full Windsor before but I still want to give them some love. They’ve got a Kickstarter up and a rather amusing website, so check those out and the full color line for these folding fenders is below.

  • pauldomen

    Kickstarter? This is such a ripoff. This guy (http://www.witindustries.nl/) has ben making them for years…

  • Yoshi C

    You can also make your own by cutting a large shampoo bottle in half, and a bit of creativity.

  • Kandrundu

    My experience with both fenders (Wit Industries & Full Windsor) is that the Full Windsor is a bit more universal (works better with rear brake) and WIT Industries is simpler, lighter and – in my opinion – looks better, but: is more fixed gear specific.