Full Frame Collective: Up Close and Personal with Chas Mar 9, 2012

Photo by Dylan Bigby

I love taking shots like this. They always provide much more information than a full body photo and on a track bike, you can feel the momentum. Dylan had some lens time with Chas (the winner of 2012 Monster Track), resulting in two great photos. Check the other one out at Full Frame Collective.

  • Monster Track 2012 is tomorrow!

    • I know! ;-)

      • Six Nguyen

        Oh! I see what you did there…

  • Mmtmatrix

    Double straps on the right side only?  No socks?  Oh, and I want to see a close up of that tattoo.

    • The buckles broke on his Sidis and when he contacted them, they basically said “piss off” so he uses Toshis.

  • john, you been gone too long. no way Chas gets the win. 1st OOT i wont argue.

    Top five contenders are Crihs, Alfred, JT, Eli, and Austin(if he’s racing?). And Im trying to find room for me in there.. Chas can warm up for RHC5