Friday Afternoon NYC Randomness

Yesterday was a blast. As I was getting my coffee in the morning, a young man came flying up the sidewalk yelling “Checkpoint!”. Immediately, I thought there was a race. Turns out, he was lost, so I followed him all over the city looking for the an alleycat. We stopped everywhere looking for fliers or information. Chari, Continuum, all the shops downtown. While we were in the city, I headed up to meet Daniel from Search and State and then we blasted 7th avenue with a group of guys from LA and SF before heading back to Brooklyn.

Riding a track bike in NYC is a buzz like none other and these photos came out sick.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • What lock is in the 2nd picture?

  • Lemontime


  • when enjoying the mexican car crash at the charleston, beware of the hobo tranny lingering, wanting to rap all your change away. she’ll steal your heart and end up on your couch asking you to listen to her song ‘ass to mouth.’ trust. it happens to the best of us. 

  • Chris Willmore

    Good stuff John welcome back to NY

    • See you tonight? 

      • Chris Willmore

        Going to head down there after work. Hopefully catch some of the post race debauchery 

  • Track bike wheelies are the stuff.

    • Youknowwazgood

       lol ! … ^ are the “stuff” … I like dat :)

  • Kv

    Is there a consensus on a preferred style of clipless pedals for fixed gear riding? 

    • Time ATAC for MTB, Shimano 105 for road.

    • Bsurfside

      Yeh look cheapest mtb ,works great also try tioga spyder

  • Mashafix


  • Steven A Schroeder

    Where did he get that fanny pack!?

  • boris

    makes me wanna move back to the CITY

  • Rphetzer

    why are there toe straps around that shoe?

  • Dickpoobutt

    The period goes before the closing quotation mark.

  • awesome set

  • Jason

    nice pics!

  • mike

    that picture of the dude in the fishnet shirt is too fucking good