Firefly Bicycles: EECycle Works Mar 17, 2012

Everyone loves the eeCycle Works brakes. They’re made in the USA and deliver incredible stopping power. The first time I got to see a pair on a bike in person, it was when I was in Melbourne. Justin’s Firefly had them and I couldn’t get over how rad they were and they better be for that pricepoint!


  • YEE

    cool dude

  • jesus those are amazng…. and damn expensive. 

  • Tom Gadd

    No link? Either way, love those brakes. Incredible stopping power, better modulation than dura-ace and like half the weight.

  • K-Train

    DAs are the best…these are the modern version of Campy Delta brakes.  Make a post about how badass the new Ultegra Di2 is and get over fetishizing obscure and over engineered parts.  Shimano has streamlined innovative products for the masses, recognize that.