Crank Arm Singapore Mar 21, 2012

This new video from Crank Arm Steady features some “throwback” FGFS and city riding in Singapore.

  • cool crew, awesome music.  the only word i can hear in the song is “Singapore”  does anyone know anything else about the song?

    • The song’s from the 50’s/60’s. There’s quite a few covers of the original. The song title “Nona Singapura” means “Miss Singapore”. The song’s basically about the beauty of the Singaporean woman.

  • dhfxd

    i think its the sound from 60s or 50s malay peninsula. look up “P.Ramlee” in you tube or “wahid satay”.

  • Lemontime

    I remember when I was in Singapore mid last year I only saw one fixed gear rider in like 10 days of being there, but there were so many of them hanging in shops and stuff.. The roads there all seemed super smooth as well, definitely taking a bike back there one day.