CornFed 2 Mar 5, 2012

Let’s take a break from all the Beautiful Bicycles and watch some Indianapolis bike messengers haul ass around town. Thanks for sharing Scott. These are great! Oh and FUCK YES TORCHE! More of this please!

  • hell yeah, this just made me so much more pumped to see torche on wednesday. makes me feel like im in florida again

    • FLOOR!

      •  i can only hope they keep doing “reunion” shows every once in a while, somehow i managed to see them 3 times, twice down there and once in chitown, in under like 2 years. maybe i just had alot of good karma saved up

  • zeeeeeee

    “this little piggy runs on electrocution…” sooo fckng good, Torche! 

  • Tommy Raccoon

    damn doggie, someone need to get some of them southern Indiana hillbombs

    • kyproud

      No doubt! I’ve done a fair bit of backpacking in southern Indiana and had my bike with me a few times . . . the hills in and around O’Bannon Woods State Park are pretty intense — definitely some of the most hair-raising stuff I’ve done.

  • i like torche…which album is this track from?