Congrats to JT for Winning Monster Track XIII Mar 12, 2012

Photo by Crihs

After a close one at last year’s Monster Track, JT has seized the win for lucky number 13. From the video I saw on Facebook, he had this shit by almost half a minute. JT, I’m very stoked on this. See you at Red Hook Crit!

  • crihs

    Congrats to JT. Much well deserved victory.

    Why was there controversy in last year monstertrack? winning by 13 minutes is no controversy. 

  • anonymous

    there was no controversy last year,your thinking 2010,

  • TrackEmperor

    I am stoked for JT as well, but i would hardly say a 21 sec lead is almost a minute. Yeah no controversy last year at all, Crihs won fair and square and with a substantial margin…

  • Mangoes are delicious

    What was the 2010 controversy, since it was brought up for those not in the know?