Brooklyn Randomness

Yesterday was the most fun I’ve had just cruising around in a long time. I love Brooklyn and the hardest thing about moving to Austin in 2011 was leaving all my friends behind. Now, I come back to the boroughs and am greeted with Beautiful Bicycles and a steady stream of inspiration. I can’t describe the sensation I get from visiting NYC on a bike.

After a night of drinking, I rolled out of bed and got some coffee at Blue Bottle. All I need is an Americano to get the day rolling. From there, I stopped into the Mishka NYC offices and shot the shit for a bit, before heading over to Outlier and I ended the day at King Kog yet again. There are many posts that will spin-off of these photos but I just wanted to show you what it’s like to pedal around this community on a glorious spring day.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • yeahhhhh acid refulx

  • Gotta say, these new gallery pages have exemplary presentation, and are a joy to navigate. Great photographs as usual.

  • Ok

    I wanna see more fixies with clipless pedals. 

  • mavic as fvck.

  • cooperleeray

    cmon, blue bottle? get some good coffee!