BLK MRKT: Project Norris Complete Build Mar 28, 2012

Now this looks like a lot of fun. The BLK MRKT team has been working on the NSF line for some time now and they’ve finally nailed down what they’ve come to call the Project Norris Complete Build. I see a ton of Profile Fixed components on there! Check out the full details below.

See more photos at Black Market’s blog!

  • mutt

    I can’t get into a BMXish stem and road bars

  • Russ

    I kind of dig it, it looks like a super fun commuter that you could use in several different ways.  But at 1500 dollars I’ll have to pass :/

  • ScumbagSF

    I would ride the crap out of it. First thing I would do would be to swap the stem out and slap some frs on it. I guess the price isnt too bad granted it is mostly made in the USA. I think it’s love/hate bike. Good job BlkMrkt. Always making cool shit. Makes me wish I never had sold my Mob.

  • Hed1fsu

    U sure its usa made? Last i heard.. they only made the mob frame in the states. Rest were taiwan produced.

    • That’s unfortunate. The components are “mostly” made in the states. Profile ain’t cheap!

  • was about to buy black market NSF frameset but after few days of looking for the geometry, and not finding it, went for a gangsta.