Best Roll Ever Mar 20, 2012

I’m a Ramblin’ Roll kinda man and while I could go on with a lengthy review, I’ll just say the Yanco and Tracko Ramblin’ Roll is the best ‘roll I’ve had. Head to Tracko for instructions, a review and purchasing information. They’re Flag Hatchet approved!

Edit: OK, I added some more photos below in case you need to see how it rolls up, etc…

There. Is that better? ;-)

  • Aaron


  • Mark

    Looks nice but how do they advertise a bag with no pics of it unrolled on their website? Call me confused :)

  • Mark

    Found their flickr. Got it. 

  • Irishman909121


  • what’s the length of the pockets? 

  • theinfamous

    It would be better, if I could actually buy the dang thing.  Reup plz Tracko!

  • SpokedSTL SpokedSTL

    I’m a big fan of the Road Runner tool roll

  • Bhop73

    Exactly what I need, but impossible to find..

  • Andy Brown

    Kyle needs to make another run of these!