Shifter Dan’s Single-Speed Monster Cross

Out of all the bikes I saw while I was Down Under, this one was hands down my favorite. Maybe it’s because I love 29’r / 700c bikes with big, fat tires or the fact that it’s built up with American-made products. Whatever the reason, when Dan finally got around to overhauling and building up his design for a Gellie Custom-built, fillet brazed, single-speed Monster Cross again, I had to take it for a spin around the block.

The second generation Sibex titanium fork, chopped-down, stainless faced Surly track ends and lightweight Columbus Life tubeset, paired with the massive tire clearance makes this every off-roader’s dream bike. But it doesn’t end there. Dan machined the canti bosses so the Paul brakes sit as close to the stays as possible, matched the Phil Wood ‘kidney bean’ cut out to the BB-shell, curved the brake bridge to match the stays and sized the bike around a spacer-less head tube. We like to call this “slammed” nowadays. He did all this, years ago.

The White Industries drive train means he never has to worry about the bike breaking down while out in Woods Point. As one would expect by now with Shifter Bikes, no detail was overlooked here. With 42c tires, it sits right at 8kg, or around 17lbs. But see for yourself below. Just try not to drool on your lunch ok?

Click the image above to launch the Gallery.

  • James_marquis

    Where’s the buy now button? Seriously this thing is a beast and I need one.

  • Kevin


  • Dan

    Is this rear tire mounted backwards?

    • TD

      It’s pretty common to run the rear knobby tread in the opposite direction of the front for more grip on gravel/dirt etc.  That’s how my MTB tires are set up.  

    • rear tire is mounted normally, but the tread is different for front and back.

  • Scott

    Love this bike.  Will you please tell me which model these tires are?  I want a pair!  I can’t find a 42c tire on the Bontrager site.

    • they’re Bontrager Jones XR 29 x 1.8″ (700c x 44mm). discontinued, best bet is eBay + patience. also keep a lookout for WTB mutanoraptors in 700c x 44.

  • Givemeyourshoes

    The cut out on the BB showing the Phil logo is classy.  Mad amounts of approval for this bike!

  • Jonathan

    Awesome bike! Those are just 44s? They look much bigger on there. Is that a 10-speed chain? I didn’t think you’d be able to run one on a free-wheel/chain-ring setup like that…

  • is this a cross bike or a MTB?

    • Cross bike. Although the differences come down to geometry. The frame was designed for drop bars and a traditional cross set up. Dan later put on flat bars.

  • Thorsten Bastian

    what rear hub is used?