Ross’ Richard Sachs Cross Bike

When I first moved to Austin, I met up with Ross to shoot his Nagasawa track bike. Then I shot photos of his Speedvagen and now, the other day, we took his Richard Sachs cross bike out for some lens love. This bike is race pedigree through and through. There are no cable stops for a front derailleur and no bottle cages. Not ideal for a daily rider but when Ross saw a local selling it, he hopped on board. Wanting to do something a little different with the build, he opted for TRP mini v-brakes, a Ti Chris King headset, Tune ‘Bigfoot’ square taper cranks and a Phil Wood Ti BB. Oh and Campagnolo 10… How’s that for a bike suffering from an identity crisis? Personally, I think it’s bad ass and he’s on it every day when we ride. Ride what you love…

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • BMF

  • If you can’t tell already, the seat tube cluster is my favorite detail on a bike… hah

    Also, left the stick in place to avoid the question “how do you prop your bikes up?”

    • lonely rear cantilever cable hanger …

      • Robert Martelli

         It has a pointless barrel adjuster to keep it company….Better to save those grams, right?

  • adam

    This rules!
    I recently grabbed a Circle A Cycles cross bike with no stops for a front derailleur or bottle cages and was wondering if his chain ever rubs on the chain guides when shifting through the cassette? 

    • Ross

      Never rubs, K-edge chain keeper is awesome because it keeps the chain from jumping up to to the left. highly recomended

  • Wilis

    So sick, Ross never comes half ass in his builds!

  • Pic 31: Zeiss 85 wide open or close to it?? Love it.

  • Everyone’s dream is to come across a RS they can afford at the time.   I’d buy one without any real need, just to have and to hold.  And then to build up and ride the piss out of.

  • Gary Bexter

    Nice bicycle

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