Joshua’s 650c Landshark Road

This is a bit of a strange bird. Usually, when you see 650c road bikes, they’re used on small frames, not a 56cm. Like Strawberry and Serotta, Landshark also dabbled in the niche trend of 650c wheels on their road bikes in the early 90’s. Joshua’s road bike has some interesting details, akin to Slawta’s work but the wheels just take this bike over the top. Such funky proportions and yet, it works. Unfortunately, it’s not working for Joshua, so he’s selling it. Hit him up in the comments if you’re interested.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • Wilis

    Size and price?

    • C dubs

       “Usually, when you see 650c road bikes, they’re used on small frames, not a 56cm.”

  • Guest

    bitchin’ ride

  • Joshua

    It’s 57cm TT c-c, 53 ST c-c with a 78cm standover.  Email me if you’d like to talk price:  [email protected]

  • Doctor_Jones_

    Land Shark paint jobs always kick ass!!!

  • that stem is all wrong.

    • Joshua

      Tell me about it.  The logos are all scratched off but I’m pretty sure it’s a Profile Design stem from the mid-nineties.  As fugly as it is though, it’s nice to have the removable faceplate.

  • guest

    definitely no reason to go 650c at that size. this is an early 90s era mistake.

    • Joshua

      Today, 650c wheels are typically used on bikes for smaller riders but back then, they were used for better aerodynamics and on “climbing” bikes with pro roadies.  They were initially featured on many tri bikes during that time and soon started popping up on road bikes but quickly fell out of fashion.  It didn’t help that they were also banned by the UCI. 

      • Guest

         i think the diameter of 650c is still within regulations. you cant stagger though.