Affinity Kissena Street Track

Yes, steel is real but traveling with a bike on some airlines is too rich for my budget. Knowing it would cost me over $100 to fly back and forth from NYC with my Icarus, I emailed Jason from Affinity and asked if he had a loaner bike. He replied, saying I could ride a Affinity Kissena Velo Fund bike. As he handed it over, I realized I could come under fire for riding, wait for it… aluminum! Truth be told, I raced a Felt TK2 at Kissena and while I prefer steel frames, I’m not gonna pass up riding a mean racing machine like a Kissena as a loaner in NYC.

I won’t get into why I don’t like aluminum here because the purpose of this post is to thank Affinity for all the support over the years. The Kissena is a racing machine and it’s fun to ride on the street, especially with a spinny gear and wide risers. How many of you own these bikes? What do you think of them?

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  • risers on a aero frame just look weird to me.  but I wouldn’t kick it out of bed.
    so good of Affinity to hook you up.  love seeing them at T-Town.

  • Agreed – weird choice of bars. I have an old Specialized M2 Road bike, that I almost never ride, but I’m proud to, when I do because the Aluminum-ceramic mix is hilariously stiff. The ride over anything but glass-smooth asphalt is horrific. That’s what’s so great about it. There’s something oddly charming about it. Plus it has some of the prettiest welds, I’ve ever seen.

  • yes to wide bars

  • spinny gear? what is that, 46×18?

    • 48:19 – in a city where you stop and go a lot, it’s perfect.

      • hamcycles

        How about a separate post on why you don’t like aluminum.

        • I don’t need a post. I’ve explained myself numerous times. I’m a bigger rider and every aluminum bike I’ve owned has taken a toll on my body. My wrists, ankles, knees all hurt after riding it on the street and overall, I just prefer the feel of engineered steel. It can be shaped, bent, brazed, lugged, tigged and always feels more lively. Weight is not an issue either. My bishop road frame weighs under 1500 grams, it’s less than my wheels and it’s stiff where it needs to be, not where it doesn’t.

          I’ve ridden Cannondales, a Felt TK2, Bianchi Concept and others. Nothing compares to how steel rides.

          • hamcycles

            thanks for the response, I’m on board with all of those reasons.

  • Guest

    fork? love the drop out

  • Jason

    New proto Affinity fork. Track specific 1 1/8th fork with 1/4 inch alloy steerer tube, carbon blades and alloy dropouts. 30mm offset.

    • that fork is dope.  does the chub in the front make the ride any smoother?

      also, it would be tight to throw a Chub on the rear hub to match the front.  Jason told me they stand up to some pretty serious torque when i met him at loose legs in Austin.  plus they just look awesome×646.jpg 

      • Jason

        Thanks man! Not sure if it makes the ride smoother, it is a nice hub with good bearings so I’d say yeah its smoother. We hope to have the fork out by Sept. I just gave Prolly one of the protos so you’ll see some good feedback and a review sometime soon!

  • does it have the affinity crankset on it? what’d you think of it?

  • saw you cruising along Grand yesterday, but didn’t wana yell across the street and cause a scene. glad you enjoyed your NYC visit. 

  • Arthurkmorgan

    can someone tell me what brand the rims are?