2012 NAHBS Bishop 650b Randonneur

This bike has been floating around the Bishop Bikes Flickr for months. The amount of time that builders spend on randoneur bikes goes above and beyond the normal price for a frame. Not to mention the pain of getting Shimano Dura Ace to work with Suntour, Campagnolo and TA. All of this was precisely fused together in one complete Beautiful Bicycle, with more details than three or four frames combined. Did I mention it has a Campagnolo Portacatena? Talk about a show bike.

Each of Chris’ bikes at the 2012 NAHBS were painted by Bryan Myers in his wet paint shop, Fresh Frame and Ahmet’s 650b randonneur was the prize of the booth. It won best lugged construction bike and was in the running for the best in show. As I wheeled it out of the 2012 NAHBS, I could barely take photos without someone coming over to ogle it. This has to be Chris’ finest work yet. Shear beauty! Check out the gallery for more details.


  • Bhchdh

    Beautiful bicycle. How does thr rear brake cable pass through the seat post? Was the post slotted ?

  • Dontcoast

    can we see the chain carrier on the rear dropout please?

    • Dowh. I fucking lost all the photos of that somehow. I think I over-wrote them by accident when I copied the CF card into my folder from Saturday. I’m bummed. But I will say, it wasn’t easy to photograph. It’s just a little moon-shaped piece of metal that the chain kicks off onto. No mechanics needed.

      Basically, that little latch on the DT shifter allows the chain to go past the cassette and it just lands on the porta.

      Cool huh?

      • Whats that good for?

        • It lets you pull the wheel out without touching the chain = faster flat fix.

      • Erick

        Can’t really tell from the photos, did he use the detachable Campagnolo portacatena loop, or is the loop steel and integrated into the dropout? 

        Maybe it shows my current adoration of randonneur bikes, but this is perhaps my favorite bike from the show. So thanks for taking such great photos of it!

        • Go to his Flickr to see the process. I’m on my iPhone or I’d link you to it.

  • Chrisdougherty

    Did you get any good shots of the bare track bike with the DA10?  Mine were crap.  

  • new site rocks, thanks for links on fresh pages and thanks for awesome coverage on handbuilts…

  • Coreyk

    It was nice to meet the guys at Bishop, they were very friendly and their work is excellent. Congrats again guys!

  • Scott

    Amazing. Such a gorgeous bike. The cable routing through the seatpost is everything I’ve ever wanted. 

    on another note, is there anyway you can set it up so that arrow keys can move the viewer forward or back in these galleries? I love that you can click the photo to move forward, but I’d prefer to be able to go back with the arrow keys, to minimize scrolling down to find where I am in the gallery.

    Other than that, this new gallery mode is awesome, and well suited to all of your shots.

    • Scott, there are arrows on the bottom right of the image. I hate overlay arrows, and any extra javascript will just slow it down.

      •  wanted to know this (the java argument), cheers prolls

      • Scott

        yes, yes there are. Totally didn’t see them. my bad. those definitely do the trick.


  • Sick lights yo!

  • geoff

    Fantastic. Anyone know the color code for that great orange?

  • super late comment, but what is that rear light?