An Afternoon Session at T-1

Today, after doing a quick road ride and running errands, I met up with some friends at a local Tex-Mex spot. Kevin Porter had just rolled into town and it had been a while since I saw him last, so we caught up about bikes, coffee, coffee, bikes and coffee. After too many margaritas, I cruised over to T-1 with Kevin for an impromptu session with some locals and out of towners. The vibe was great and everyone was throwing down. I managed to get a few shots with the 50mm, which usually is a huge pain in such a tight spot, but I used to focal length to my advantage for some tight crops.

Check out the Gallery!

  • So good!

  • Neelundu

    Damn that shot of KP doin the lookback is awesome. 

  • Did it

    fuck you prolls you make this shit look easy. nice shots

  • thanks guys!

  • Spoon

    Sweet! Who’s that in the Redbull helmet… saving some photos for later? ;)

    • Panagiotis Manaras – no other photos, it was hard to shoot in there with a 50mm…

  • Lemontime

    Get a flash up in ya?