Moth Attack Track Bike

Now, when you look at this Moth Attack track bike, I’m sure the first thing you noticed was the incredibly large head tube. That or the bright-ass paint. Whatever it was that first caught your eye, it’s working. There weren’t a whole lot of performance track machines at the 2012 NAHBS but this bike had enough beef for the whole show. Now all it needs is a BB30 Dura Ace pista spindle. Someone needs to get on that, ASAP. Looking at you Shimano! Check out more in the Gallery below.


  • Peter

    what is that half link about?
    he must have done it to have the wheel at the very end of the dropout, necessary?

    • A lot of people do that to shorten the chain as much as possible and to slam it as far forward in the track end. People also choose to do it when they use a master link.

      • Pudu

        Photos album is missing the most tricked out thing on the bike.  The mini struts from the seat tube to the chainstay!

        • Yeah, lighting was so bad I couldn’t get a good one.

      • Peter

        Still not sure about the actual difference that it will make :)
        I reckon it was done for the estetic.
        It’s a well made bike tho, I like the forks dropouts alot

        • Half links shorten the chain up so it can be slammed. That’s what it was done.

    • Jake


      • Yes, Megan, but it’s for a customer, who is a he.

    • Greg Ralich


  • its there a reason for the headset to be half internal integrated and have external beside aesthetics 

    i am dumb

    • Added stiffness. Basically, the frame is designed around the lower cups, or it would slacken the head tube angle by 5 degrees.

  • AdamEldridge

    Love it. Like the HB.

  • Megan

    To answer the usual questions:
    The headset is the Chris King inset 7 in a 44mm headtube. The fork is from Serenity Bicycle Works and is a 1 1/8″-1 1/2″ tapered track fork.  3t Scatto bars sanded down.

    The half-link was just for the show. It will be replaced with a full link now for more flexibility, but the curved seat tube deserved to be shown off.

  • givemeyourshoes

    This was easily one of my favorite bikes at the show this year!  The monostay, the overside headtube, the massive fork, the curvey seattube, and that MASSIVE downtube (hint* it’s not your regular oversided tube) all make this bike an absolute standout!

  • Schue113

    Why Shimano BB30? Do they listen to riders anymore? I say SRAM OMNIUM! SRAM actually supports shops, price matches, and has customer/dealer support. How many times have I called Shimano to get cones for a wheel that is only two years old only to have them tell me they don’t make it anymore and to contact Wheels Manufacturing? TOO MANY! Shimano has told the industry that the future of the bike lies in disposability. Who wants to support a company that has this as their “vision” for the future of cycling. Besides, SRAM is based in the USA.

    • Totally agree but…

      I know track racers prefer loose ball bottom-brackets. I was mostly / half joking about the DA BB30 spindle because BB30 isn’t solving the desire for loose ball on the track.

  • Is there another shot of the rear clearance? a back-on angle perhaps? looks sooooooooo tight (pause).

  • givemeyourshoes

    TWSS, and seeing it in person, it is pretty tight, but I was assured most 23c tires would clear.

    • Race bike = nothing bigger than a 23c. Even that’s big.

  • Adam

    Shimano will never do bb-30 as they have their own standard, bb-86.  The octalink DA cranks are lighter, plenty stiff, and the bottom bracket is very smooth, compared to the Omniums which don’t last too long and have a fair amount of drag comparatively.  I quite liked Moth Attack’s bike, but you missed the Baum track bike with the Rapha paint scheme, and the Full S3 Broakland which was pretty awesome (and had great paint).  Also, how come no pictures of either of the fixed gear freestyle frames at the show?  Don’t forget your roots!

  • Schue113

    Just wanted to point out that the Dura-Ace track BB isn’t technically a loose ball bearing BB. It is a serviceable needle bearing BB. The desire for a loose-ball BB is just a hold over from years past. The ceramic BBs available for GXP provide a stiffer and more serviceable platform while also having LESS bearing rolling resistance. I know that Sir Hoy runs a Dura-Ace, yadda yadda. Look at the stats, think and ride for yourself. Plain and simple, someone should do a deflection test. SRAM has yet to break into the track world, and it is pretty cliquey. The Omniums are great and now SRAM has the Zipp track hubs, which, well look at the tech doc.

    • only half right

      only half right… needle AND ball.  all of those seals come out quick for hot rodding.  ceramic is a joke foisted on bike consumers who are easily duped.

  • tommaso

    Is this frame the as the one the Moth Attack/Ritte track frame we saw last year? How did they do those drop bars, they almost look water-formed?

    • They’re 3T track bars, sanded down.

    • Megan

      It’s a new frame with only a couple tubes in common, but some of the same ideas.

  • norby

    seat’s too high :0

  • ely from ruthworkssf

    I’m not into super race style track bikes, but this bike was stunning. It’s steel and it’s bomber. If I tried to ride this on the track, it would kick my ass. Beautiful.