2012 NAHBS Day 02

The second day of the 2012 North American Handmade Bicycle show was a madhouse. Walking up to the convention center, I was shocked to see the line wrapping around the block. Inside, the booths were crowded with bell-ringers, brake pullers, tire kickers and top tube tingers. As someone who tends to obsess over frame details, it was easy to document some bikes but the overall frame shots were a real pain. I managed to document a good number of builders, as well as some friend’s bikes. For now check out a photo gallery, featuring Richard Sachs, Yipsan, MosaicRebolledo, Della Santa and Sycip.


  • Who made the black lugged bike with the bronze NAHBS 2012 head badge?

    • I want to know too! Also, is that an integrated bike light in the bars? Get a focused shot of that!

      • prolly

        I don’t think the frames were made by the guy. They just sold accessories and I can’t remember their name for the life of me.

        • Ronsta


          I remember those brake levers at last years show.

          Missing it this year. Thanks for the updates John!

        • I dug it and I’m enjoying your coverage. Maybe next year I’ll make it in person!

  • Ben

    BMW disc fork? Where can we get that?

    • prolly

      They made them a while back as a special order…

  • Esteban Gallegos

    scraper bike!

    • Tucker

      movin on my scraper bike
      i’m cruisin on my scraper bike
      my scraper bike go hard, don’t need no car
      i’m scraping on my scraper bike

      on my scraper bike on my scraper bike on my scraper bike
      on my scraaaaaaper bikes

  • Mavic helmets are sick!

  • That purple YiPsan rack would look good on that bike that won Best Fillet Brazed Frame… ;)

  • Ian

    man that new belgium keg bike is awesome. I live up in fort collins and there’s a smaller brewery, equinox, that has a keg trike that they got a local builder to do. It’s super badass, they deliever everything local on it too.

    • Tucker

      and they even put Big Apples on it. i commute and pedicab on those and they rock. this bike is road ready!