2012 NAHBS Day 01 – Booths and People

This year at the 2012 North American Handmade Bicycle Show, I wanted to spend the first day capturing the overall vibe of the booths. I meant to bring my tripod for some long exposures but left it at home. Instead, I ended up using the booths themselves, the ground and my lens cap to prop the camera up. While I don’t usually like low, wide angles, these actually came out pretty rad. Check the Gallery out below.


  • Pics look great. Nice collection of bikes this year, methinks your bishop takes the cake.

  • lvd

    Could you ask Paul when his road hubs are coming out?

    • Yes indeed!
      And could we get some close up snaps of the new Paul stuff Mr Prolly???

      • prolly

        It’s coming!

  • Stuart

    A couple things: First, your road bike is absolutely beautiful. I don’t usually like the geometry of newer road bikes, but that one is very graceful. Second, I’m loving the new format for the gallery. The new website is great!

  • Todd!

    Can you get me some close ups of the Rebolledo Track bike? Cheers!

    • prolly

      I got it…

  • Simon

    A few shots of Cherubim would be cool if you can find the time good sir.