Baum Cycles

Just a few weeks ago, we got an in-depth look at Baum Cycles‘ facilities in Geelong, VIC, Australia. While at their shop, I got to see this bike in its perfect raw form. The welds were buttery smooth and the construction was impeccable, something that is often covered by paint. At the 2012 NAHBS, Darren Baum showed off his finest work, on a sleek, black backdrop, reminiscent of his photo studio back in Australia.

The two show-stoppers were Darren’s own Baum Corretto road bike, sporting brand-spankin’ new SRAM Red and the Rapha-inspired Baum track bike, complete with Busyman saddle and matching bar tape. The entire bike just oozes cool, right down to the black Campagnolo Record cranks from MASH SF. But what you weren’t expecting was that killer cockpit. Darren teamed up with Luescher Teknik to mold 3T track bars to an ENVE stem, resulting in a dark form that’s only at home in one of Melbourne’s velodromes.

Like a shark, when you see this approach you from behind, you know you’re in trouble. Check out more in the gallery.


  • Curious

    How did they get a hold of the new SRAM? I thought there was super drama over that. (Sachs Blog and Indy Fab Blog.)

    • He contacted the rep and asked politely, he didn’t blast them on the blog. Just kidding, I have no idea. It’s Darren, he has connections and he showed NEW bikes.

  • ElwoodRides

    best photos of this booth yet. prolls, you fucking killing it bro

  • derreck

    I want to see the Baum track and the Moth Attack race head to head on the boards. 

    • I dunno man, that BAUM is like 12lbs… haha

  • drinkycrow

    cool bikes, great pics.  they could save some weight if they dropped a few or all of the 16 “lightweight” decals though ;)

  • All of the coverage/ photos have been exceptional, John. and the new site is adding to the goodness!!! Love the Baum finishes and Busyman is a nice touch!

  • Daniel

    Waow …. Words can just describe the quality and attention to details.

  • those bars….drooooooooooooool

    also the whole damn track bike

  • xscott902x

    Black anodized Record cranks! How have I not seen these before?