Мишка and Affinity 5 Year Anniversary Frame by Lamour Supreme Mar 20, 2012

Since leaving NYC, it’s great to see people and brands that I brought together still pushing rad shit. I introduced Lamour Supreme to Mishka many years ago and that led to talks of bikes and art. Since Affinity was my LBS, I always sent the dudes to Jason for their cycling needs. Now, what? Like 5 years later, Mishka, Affinity and Lamour Supreme put this sick as fuck Kissena track bike out. Amazing.

Check out some killer photos below!

Photos by Takuya Sakamoto

You can buy this hand-painted bike, complete as shown here or just the frameset here. They only made 5! A portion of the proceeds from the frames will go to the Kissena Velo Fund.

  • saw this in Affinity last week. not my style, but dang, details.