The Bike Valet Feb 6, 2012



The Bike Valet takes a nod from the notion that bike storage doesn’t have to be strictly utilitarian. Design can be found even in the most mundane places. Here’s what the kick-starter campaign says:

“Storage for us, like many, is a problem. We live in a small downtown apartment, and if we happen to be dense enough to leave our bikes outside they wouldn’t last more than a few days, even with the priciest lock around. We lost a beautiful, vintage, hand-made Kleine in just such a way a couple years ago. So we bring our bikes inside. Given our storage issues, this makes navigating the entry hall difficult. I personally have tripped over or snagged a pair of dress pants on an awkwardly placed bicycle more than once. The solution?

The Bike Valet. It is made from 1/8″ cold steel initially designed in Sketchup and later transferred to CAD. Its elegant shape is cut using a laser cutter. It is heated and bent by hand to the appropriate spec’s and then powder coated for a durable long-lasting finish in red, blue, black, cream white, pale green or grey. You have your choice of either a leather or neoprene pad to rest your bike on. We think any combo of the six colors and two pads looks pretty spectacular! “

They have 66 hours to go to reach their goal of $10,000 and are only $600 away. If you’re into this, head over to the Kick-Starter page.