Shots from the Road: 02.02.2012 Feb 3, 2012


Yesterday I got stir-crazy. It’s been raining since Tuesday here in Sydney and I couldn’t stand to not be riding in this gorgeous city. I met up with some locals on their Tuesday hill ride and had fun, but wasn’t feeling 100% so I went back and tried to find the same route by myself. I have a Garmin, but the maps aren’t loaded for Australia (how do you do that by the way?), so it was like riding blind, which sometimes is fun.

The pouring rain, aggressive drives and my bald rear tire mandated the pace for this ride, which was perfect because I’m still in sight-seeing mode here. Ranking in at exactly 20 miles and 1,000′ of climbing, this was by no means a hard workout but riding’s not always about hammering.

Oh, did I mention already how Sydney has some of the raddest vintage autos I’ve seen?