Merckx Mondays Feb 6, 2012



Danny Hale? Who’s that? I’ve never heard of a Motorola team member named Danny Hale. It sounds like an Australian name. Something’s fishy here. Yesterday, I met up with Dan (no relation to Mr. Hale) to shoot his Motorola Merckx. Like the 7-Elevens, the Motorola Eddy Merckx frames are classic examples of American cycling. Check out more of the same and more of the new below!

It’s not every day that you see a Merckx in the Belgian flag livery. Well, technically, we saw this already… Now you can own the very bike that Andy from Fyxomatosis rode while he was in Europe. This seller on eBay has quite the collection of rare Eddy Merckx frames. From a step-through, to a Ti Cross and even a track bike with C-Record. Drool.


The other day, while I walked passed a 7-Eleven, I noticed the lowercase “n” for the first time.


That said, Steely Fan’s 7-Eleven makes a return to Merckx Mondays, this time with a new set of wheels. Godt Tub’år…


Now back to Danny Hale. This is Dan’s Eddy Merckx Motorola. He picked up the frame and the Campy record hubs from Fyxomatosis a little while back and it turns out, the bike used to belong to Dan from Shifter, aka Danny Hale. Clever huh?






Motorola road bikes will never get old and will always have a place here on the blog. Thanks to Dan for meeting up yesterday, I love this bike!